“We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” Game Cube – Review

The book “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” has been popular in our house since both the girls were little. They have recited the story on walks. They have even acted it out at nursery (minus the real bear). Then last Christmas there was the TV adaptation. Now there is the “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” Game Cube. Emily was particularly excited when we were sent the game to review.

The cube actually contains 4 games. I was quite skeptical at first as the cube is fairly small. However, inside were a set of playing cards to play the “Snap” and “Twisted Pairs” games, a spinner, four bingo boards which also sit together to for the “Four Shapes in a Row” game board, bingo cards and small circular tokens.

The cards for the games of Snap and Twisted pairs feature images from the recent “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” film. Emily enjoyed looking at the cards as much as trying to play the games. In fact, these would be great to use as a sequencing activity for her to re-tell the story.

Emily probably enjoyed the “Four Shapes in a Row” game best. Probably due to the spinner. The idea is you each take turns to spin the spinner, which may land on a colour or a shape, or “steal” from your opponent. You then need to cover up a row with your tokens. This game is great for colour and shape recognition. Emily was not particularly good at the strategy side of the game, which did mean she was easy to beat. She also did not like it if I landed on the “steal” segment.

Finally, there is the Matching Bingo game. You can have up to four players for this one, and I think it does benefit from having more than two people play. On each of the cards there are five rows of five images from the film. There are little picture cards to go with this. They are turned over one-by-one, and any player with the matching picture on their card covers it with a token. This is really good for younger players as it obviously relies on chance rather than strategy.

I really was surprised just how much there was in such a small box! Although there are four games to play, all of the cards and pieces are large enough to be used by younger children. There is also no compromise on the quality of the pieces. I think it will be tough enough to be used over and over again. The only concern I would have would be losing cards or counters if they weren’t put back in the box.

The “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” Game Cube is aimed at children aged 3 and upwards. The games are perfect for pre-school children. It is bright and colourful and great for developing memory skills, shape and colour recognition. It also helps teach young children about taking turns. I would also probably take it with us when we went away as you get a lot of entertainment in a compact cube!

Disclaimer: We were sent the “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” Game cube for review, but as always, all opinions are our own.

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