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Sleeping Beauties

A few weekends ago we had a weekend up in Birmingham to see The Big Hoot. We decided to get a family room in a hotel and I have to admit we were wondering...


Cotswold Lavender

I have lived in Gloucestershire for 15 years now and it is such a beautiful part of the country. The Cotswolds are right on our doorstep – an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with...

mummy, big sister and newborn little sister 4


The following photo appeared on my “On This Day” Facebook App this week: This was the second time that Freyja had met her new sister, the first time being in hospital. She was so...

Freyja has a taste of karma 11

Freyja has a taste of karma

Freyja getting a taste of her own medicine as Emily enjoys climbing on top of her big sister. Check out the handful of hair being grabbed and the blur of a crazed toddler…


My captured moment – 15th January

I’ve decided to link up with Heledd’s (Running in Lavender) My Captured Moment Linky this week, with an early photo of the girls together, which is still one of my favourites.  

Why I love Frozen 2

Why I love Frozen

When Freyja really discovered Pixar and Disney films I was initially quite pleased but sitting through re-watching some much loved films just started to wind me up. Cinderella, for example, a classic fairy tale...

Along comes number two 2

Along comes number two

After the initial excitement of being pregnant with Emily came the inevitable concern with how Freyja would adjust to becoming a big sister. Being the eldest of three I couldn’t stop thinking about how...