Summer Days Linky 17th July

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12 Responses

  1. Thanks for the tag – can’t wait to link up again 🙂 Hurrah for the summer holidays that are now HERE!!!!! 🙂 xx

    • stoppingattwo says:

      Pleasure! Looking forward to spending some time with the girls and forgetting about work for 6 weeks

  2. What a fab party week you gave had. Can’t wait to see you on Saturday! #summerdays

  3. Do you know I always thought I’d dread the summer holidays but I’m actually so looking forward to having some time off with the girls, Hope you guys have lots of fun and thanks for hosting #summerdays

    • stoppingattwo says:

      Thank you for linking up. I was looking forward to the 6 week holidays, but now Emily is going through terrible two tantrums I may end up counting the days down to September!!

  4. That end of term feeling is so among isn’t it, I just love it and being so excited about spending time with the boys. Have a great summer lovely and I cant wait to see you tomorrow x

  5. Thank you for the mention 🙂 And hurray for summer holidays! Lots of time to spend with your two girls, hopefully we’ll have lots of sunny days, fingers crossed! x

    • stoppingattwo says:

      Fingers crossed – although as long as we don’t have too many rainy days I will be happy! Thanks for linking up again.

  6. Yay for summer holidays! Hope you find inspiration for entertaining your lovely girls! x

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