Room on the Broom trail

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  1. This looks like lots of fun – we are big Room on the Broom fans in our house so this would be perfect for us. I love that you can sit on the witch’s broomstick – perfect photo op! #countrykids

    • stoppingattwo says:

      It’s a pity you aren’t closer – it’s only on until the end of the month.
      We all had a sit on the broom but due to grumpy Emily our selfies together had crying baby on 🙁

  2. Chrlotte says:

    This looks like great fun! We have done the Grufalo trail before, didn’t know there was a Room On The Broom one too! Popping over from Country Kids. x

  3. Coombe Mill says:

    This looks like a great place to explore, and another great childrens book to turn into a trail. It’s great to hear that they made this one more interactive for the kids and had multiple mini scenes from the book to keep the trail interesting throughout your walk. Freyja and Emily look like they’re having a great time exploring not only the trail but all the different things that the Dean Heritage Centre had to offer. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  4. Kara says:

    this looks brilliant – we have done the gruffalo, gruffalos child and stick man trail at Moore valley but they not done room on the broom yet

  5. My son loves this book! And Grufallo as well. I wish we can see this trail too! #countrykids

  6. We love Room on the Broom. It was my daughter’s favourite book when she was 3, and my 2 1/2 year old son currently loves it. I wish we had one of these trails close to us!

    • stoppingattwo says:

      It is a brilliant book! We are very lucky to have somewhere that does these different trails so close to us.

  7. Ah it looks lovely Karen, the characters are great. This is something I would have loved to take the boys to when they were younger xx

  8. Oh I didn’t know they were doing this! We love Room on the Broom!! We went to the Gruffalo but it doesn’t look as good as this one!! I know they are bringing out another one soon, can’t remember which though. x

  9. There is a Room on the Broom trail? Quick – I’m there! We love RotB in our house and what a lovely way to bring the story to life. Looks like a fab day out.

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