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Never ever EVER have an indoor picnic 2

Never ever EVER have an indoor picnic

Is there anything nicer than a picnic on a summer day? Eating outside can even make a fairly boring sandwich seem like something special. So the plan was to have a picnic in the...

Sweet addiction 1

Sweet addiction

Every other Tuesday afternoon due to timetabling and contracted hours, I finish work early. Yesterday was the last time this was going to happen, with my timetable changing in September, so rather than spend...


Postman Pat

Children’s TV is irritating at best. Annoying songs that get in your head and put you in an embarrassing position when you find yourself singing “yacki yacki yogee, doo doo dee” in the presence...

Happy First Birthday! 0

Happy First Birthday!

Little Emily turned 1 today! As every parent says at this point in their baby’s life, this year has flown by. Whilst it has been so gratifying seeing her develop into her own personality,...

Dealing with “a biter” – whatever age they are 0

Dealing with “a biter” – whatever age they are

One of my biggest worries as a mother of a toddler was that I will end up with a “biter”. There were a few incidents at nursery 6 months ago where Freyja was involved...


Toddler tantrums are RIDICULOUS!

The mornings when I am at work and the girls are going to nursery are generally chaotic. This morning I was lucky enough to finish my cuppa and avoid being covered in toddler/baby dribble/snot/unidentifiable-gook....


Random behaviour of the day – drawing on the blackboard in an inside-out swimming cap