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Toddler tantrums are RIDICULOUS!

The mornings when I am at work and the girls are going to nursery are generally chaotic. This morning I was lucky enough to finish my cuppa and avoid being covered in toddler/baby dribble/snot/unidentifiable-gook....


Random behaviour of the day – drawing on the blackboard in an inside-out swimming cap

Dear World Cup Haters….. 0

Dear World Cup Haters…..

“Why is there so much football on TV?” Oh dear. It’s hard isn’t it, when the major TV channels show coverage from a world tournament of a very popular sport, loved by millions of...

The “go-to parent” 0

The “go-to parent”

My girls are both “mummy’s girls”. This does surprise me because basically Rich is a brilliant “fun” Dad and I am mostly grumpy and naggy. It is lovely to be wanted. To be the...

Our day out at Cotswold Wildlife Park 0

Our day out at Cotswold Wildlife Park

Yesterday we enjoyed a lovely trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park. We had taken Freyja before, just over a year ago, and although we now had to pay for entry for her (being over 3)...