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Table manners

Why is it that in public and/or where cake is involved, all table manners are forgotten?


Autumn walk

Last Sunday was a beautiful autumnal morning, and whilst Rich was out mowing the lawn (last one of the year?!) and sorting the garden, it seemed like a good opportunity to go for a...



This is what happens when I am trying to get Emily some lunch. She obviously doesn’t want to wait. I am just glad that I am obsessed with those plastic food clips, otherwise there...


Puddles and Bubbles

I was disappointed when I woke up on my day off this week to find it was raining, knowing that this would put a dampener on plans for the day. However, things brightened up...


Help! Goose!!

Emily usually loves ducks and geese and the mention of a duck gets her quacking (any other animals growl apparently!) but this goose got a bit too close. Disclaimer: the Hawaiian geese at Slimbridge...



One of the great things about being part-time, is that on my days off, the girls and I have the opportunity to have lovely days out. Wednesday was promising to be dry this week...


Welcome home mummy!

The best thing about going to work is that beautiful time you have with the girls when you are all happily reunited and spending some precious time together before they go to bed. There really isn’t...



I may be a little partial to gin. OK, a lot partial. I love it. I heard that “gin makes you cry” – in my case, lack of gin makes me cry. After a...