Nappy Surprise

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35 Responses

  1. Laura says:

    Oh god, I’ve done this before. Never seen such a mess. That jelly stuff inside nappies sticks to literally EVERYTHING. Good luck with the clean up operation! #wickedwednesdays x

  2. Hannah says:

    Ooh this has happened to me before! How it happened I still don’t know but the stuff goes everywhere doesn’t it x

  3. Oh NOOOOOO!! That has got to be one of the worst things ever to even attempt to tidy. Arghhhhh

  4. Oh flipping heck so annoying! Wine lots of wine xx #wickedwednesdays

  5. Ah, the ‘helpful husband’. I haven’t worked out whether its more effective to quietly live with his rookie mistakes or tell him not to bother. Sometimes he gets it right…sometimes… 😉 #WickedWednesdays

  6. becky says:

    Oh noooooooooooo!! Whenever my hub does the washing something ends up in their, usually he hasnt checked his own pockets and something from his work ends up all over everything!


  7. Clare says:

    hahahahahaha!!!! This is so funny! I (the husband-of course) has done this a few times! And rogue baby wipes!! always fun finding them torn up over everything! Hopefully your clothes are all still intact after another wash 🙂 xx

  8. Oh nooò….
    Yikes I bet you were seeing red big time. Good luck cleaning up the extra mess your gabby has created! Haha better yet leave it for him to clean .xx

  9. ahhhhh, in all fairness its easily done. I made that mistake once

  10. Oh no! That is not good :S Deep breaths and wine are VERY much in order!! xx

  11. Oooops! I’d still have a little strop but forgive him in the end 😉 #WickedWednesdays

  12. Oohhh this had happened to me but its my fault haha! Now that the little man is no longer using the nappy its my pantyliner that sometimes get mixed up in there. Again my fault and sorry for the TMI =P


  13. Orana says:

    OH no!! Almost as bad as a wad of tissue paper or business cards in pockets!

  14. Kim Carberry says:

    Eek! That is not good at all! Ooops!

  15. Oh no!!!! I hate it when tissues make it into the wash, but this eek #wickedwednesdays xx

  16. Oh my life! I hope you’ve managed to sort it out (either with further washing or divorce papers ). I know which I’d choose! #WickedWednesdays

  17. Oops! I’m sorry I really laughed at this one lol #wickedwednesdays

  18. Lucy says:

    Oh dear! I did this mot once but twice in a week last year!!!! It takes quite some cleaning up…..

  19. Oh god bab. I WOULD HAVE BEEN FUMING! Thanks so much for linking up to Wicked Wednesdays! I can’t wait to see what you have lined up for us this week x

  1. July 15, 2015

    […] the potential disaster last week, I am happy to report that the clothes, washing machine and my marriage are all intact! So […]

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