Leaving nursery

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  1. Barbara Fletcher says:

    This is so lovely – and a wonderful photo!

  2. Ali says:

    What a lovely heartfelt read Karen, it’s such a hard descion to make. GoodLuck in full time school freyja! #sumdaysstars

  3. My little one has just started nursery so we are just at the beginning of the journey you have described. I love arriving for pick up a little early and watching her playing happily. The big hug she gives when I scoop her up is just lovely! Nice post 🙂

  4. What a beautiful photo and such a touching post, it is so hard each stage they move on, that mixed happiness, pride and sadness, you captured it so well. #Sundaystars

  5. This is gorgeous and what a big moment for your little lady. I am sure she will have such fun at school and is fully prepared from all her experiences in nursery. Good luck Freyja! Thanks for hosting #sundaystars

  6. Sam says:

    I could have written something very similar. It’s such a big milestone for both little person and parents.
    My eldest has just left nursery after 4 years and he’s really missing the friends and staff. I know that he’s moved on to the next chapter in his life. There’s many more exciting milestones to come
    Beautiful picture of your little one

    • stoppingattwo says:

      It is so tough when they have been there for so long – we have just been looking through her pre-school photo with all her friends this evening and all but one are off at different schools now……

  7. What a beautiful post. The start of nursery was just so emotional, but watching the confidence it gives them and the friendships they make, you’re right, are worth all of the starting tears. I hope the start of school goes well for all of you!

  8. Chloe says:

    Oh she looks so lovely. That’s so cute the do a mini graduation. It’s so hard going through so a big change isn’t it. I hope that the change is easy for her and you. Nursery becomes like a second family for them doesn’t it, I’m sure you’re both going to really miss everyone. Good luck with your new chapter! I hope things settle for you soon. xx #sundaystars

    • stoppingattwo says:

      I did roll my eyes when I saw they were having a photo in gown and mortar board, but it is such a gorgeous photo that I got totally won over by it!

  9. Lovely post. It sounds like she was in a really good nursery. I hope she enjoys her new school. Thanks for hosting #SundayStars 🙂

  10. Great pic. Mine won’t start full day kindergarten until next fall, but it’s strange enough her going 5 days a week now

    • stoppingattwo says:

      Thank you! Full days at school – followed by after school club seem to be wearing her out. I think I am missing our days off together when I am not working though…..

  11. Aw this is a lovely post! We are just at the beginning of our nursery journey but Mini R has settled in well and, like you say, i know it is good for him. I’ll be sad when he leaves but already thinking about transferring him to pre-school at the school he will be at when he eventually starts school as I think transition will be easier for him if he already knows the school. Thanks for hosting #SundayStars

    • stoppingattwo says:

      Oooh, lots of luck. He is going to love nursery – so much fun to be had! And when you start getting the artwork being bought home, it is brilliant!

  12. Lovely post! For sure she had fun memories of her time in nursery. It’s sad seeing our kids grow so fast but it’s nice seeing them stepping a new milestone in their life, isn’t it? Beautiful photo! #SundaysStars

  13. What a lovely read and bless you, it is a big step starting school but I really hope Freyja has settled in a bit and you are getting used to it too! Love the graduation photo! x #sundaystars

  14. This was such a beautiful post. I hope you print out a copy and give it to the nursery staff – I imagine it would get a tear or two from them!
    Thanks for hosting the Sunday Stars link too – very exciting to be part of it for the first time.
    The Crazy Stork Lady | http://www.breakingupwithcontraception.com

  15. Aww Mama Bear you’re doing such a brilliant job with your gorgeous little ladies!! She’ll be grand and I’m certain she will do you proud. Big loves.

  16. Such a lovely post Karen and what a gorgeous photo. I’m sure there will be have been some tears but you know, once she settles in at school (Which will probably take about 10 mins!) she’ll be just fine. Ah the bittersweet joys of parenting ey?! 🙂 xxx #SundayStars

  17. Gosh it’s such a massive milestone isn’t it? We’re at the same stage and it so picks on your heart strings, for all sorts of reasons. Your girlie looks gorgeous and so full of life. She looks like she will blossom anywhere!

  18. Ah Karen what a beautiful post, I felt so emotional when my two left nursery and do you know they are both best of friends with their Nursery best friend to this day which is so lovely

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