Kinetic Rock – Rock Crusher Review

I think I am more amazed by Kinetic Sand than either of my girls. It is amazing stuff! I find it totally mesmerising. You can, therefore, imagine how excited I was when the girls were sent some new Kinetic Rock to play with. Like Kinetic Sand, Kinetic Rock sticks together and can also be molded and used to build things with. The Kinetic Rock – Rock Crusher Playset from Spin Master not only comes with Kinetic Rock but also a dumper truck and bucket, figurine and tool, rock crusher, rock mold and sign. The box also transforms into a sand box to play with the rest of the kit in.

Kinetic Rock is made from natural rock, but with the same properties as Kinetic Sand so it is great for sensory play. Although the box changes into a sandbox to play in, I decided to put the entire playset and Emily into a Tuff Tray to minimise any mess.

Emily was really excited by the whole kit. The rock mold can be used to make boulders. You can then use the dumper truck’s claw to pickup the boulder, transport it, and dump it. Emily’s favourite part of the playset was the rock crusher. You can put the boulder into the rock crusher and turn the handle and the boulder has turned back into rock again. Once the rock has come out of the rock crusher you can flatten it and smooth it out using the tamper tool.

The Kinetic Rock – Rock Crusher Playset is suitable for children aged 3 and over. The rock itself is fairly easy to clean up as it sticks to itself. It can be vacuumed up if it gets onto carpet. I was glad I had insisted Emily play with it in the Tuff Tray as it minimised cleaning up afterwards. My only criticism with the Playset is the quantity of Kinetic Rock that comes with it. The 12oz bag was enough for Emily, but not enough to let me play with it too! We really love this Playset, and I imagine it will be a firm favourite for quite some time.

Disclaimer: We were sent this playset for review purposes, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are our own

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  1. Hayley Smith says:

    Oh my boys would go crazy for this!! I haven’t heard of it before, in fact we’ve only just discovered kinetic sand and they absolutley love it! Anything with diggers and rocks is a winner!
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