You can tell you are a mother who loves Game of Thrones when….

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  1. Mrs H says:

    I love this. So true. Cersei is mad but she is a hugely devoted mother. And I do worry about the Stark kids. Rikon seemed such a sweet kid and the others are growing up to far quickly. And Robb. sob sob sob! A brilliant post lovely. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

  2. Catriona says:

    I love this post, made me giggle. I LOVE Game of Thrones, and Sam Tarley is so sweet, but I darent say he’s my favourite character. Where in seven hells is Rickon!? Number 10 is so true, can’t wait for Monday!!

  3. Genius! Lol… However – Catlyn dies???????? *gasp*

  4. Heledd says:

    This is genius!!! For me though it’s all about John Snow. Although, yes what happened to the little Stark boy?

    We did almost call Poppy, Aria. To this day I sometimes wish we’d gone for it.

    Roll on Monday night xxx

  5. Haha, this is great. Surely Lysa and her drippy, weird son would put you off extended breast feeding, though?

  6. Oh Karen, I love this post! Has made me seriously laugh like a proper Game of Thrones geek. I cannot wait for it to return to my life and bring Jon Snow back to me 🙂 Ahem, quietly mentioning that one of my boys is called Brandon and yes we do call him Bran, although it isn’t really named after him, more inspired by as Bran isn’t really the best character xx

  7. Brilliant! You are a true fan!! And hilarious! OMG it’s actually Monday night and there’s only 2 hours to go until it’s on….slightly giddy over here! I’ve no idea what is going to happen this series but I bet it is going to be epic. Love this post – genius. xxx

  8. Hahaha! Brilliant post – we’ve been obsessed with GoT since the start too (although I STILL have no idea of anyones names and need regular pausing to find out what’s happening) but you are so right…and the Ben and Holly trailer WAS genius 😉

    Thanks for linking up, great post!! #TheList xx

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