Emily’s New Bike

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6 Responses

  1. Karen says:

    We love balance bikes, lots of fun. She looks so happy y#countrykids

  2. Coombe Mill says:

    Balance bikes are such a great way to learn to ride. Did she have a go on ours while she was here? I have every sympathy with the back problems, I remember doing the same with the triplets when they were learning to ride but they will soon both be pedaling away with you running to catch up! A lovely way to have a double run at Christmas too with presents here and presents waiting at home. Thank you for sharing Emily’s first bike ride on #CountryKids

    • stoppingattwo says:

      She didn’t – it was all a bit muddy wasn’t it?
      I loved the idea of two Christmases – and the girls weren’t complaining about receiving two lots of presents

  3. Emily does look very happy with her balance bike – I can imagine pushing her along on it was quite tiring after a while! It must be tricky trying to get used to it all – especially with wanting to keep up with her big sister racing ahead.

    • stoppingattwo says:

      I think she enjoyed how fast she could go when she was being pushed – she is going to be a bit of a speed demon as she gets older I think!

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