BABY born Interactive Bathtub Review

The girls love playing with their baby dolls. Emily’s wide range of babies and accessories are usually her first choice of toy to play with. As much as she loves her more traditional babies, her bathtime BABY born is a particular favourite as she can have it in the bath. The girls usually enact their swimming lessons with it and “teach” BABY born how to swim. We were recently sent the new BABY born Interactive Bathtub to review. Now BABY born is just restricted to the main bath, but can enjoy her very own bathtub!

The BABY born Interactive Bathtub has a real working shower. There is a manual water pump which squirts water out from the showerhead. There is also another pump that causes the water in the bath to bubble and foam. You can press the button on the side of the bath and it makes bathtime noises and coloured LEDs flash on and off. It also comes with a cute little duck accessory.

The bath has been a big hit with both girls, especially Emily. I was a little dubious as to whether she would cope with the pump buttons. However, she is more than capable of doing this once she had got the hang of what to do. I would suggest thinking about where you let your child play with this toy. If the showerhead is pointing in the wrong direction, it will squirt water over the floor! Thankfully Emily is happy to play with the BABY born Interactive Bathtub in the bathroom so spills can be mopped up easily. I imagine we will end up taking it outside to play with in the garden over the summer too.

The BABY born Interactive Bathtub does require 3 AA batteries, but thankfully it does come with these, so you don’t need to faff about sorting this out when you have a child who is desperate to get their hands on the toy! It is suitable for children aged 3 and over and the RRP is £39.99.


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